Who’s In Control?

By: Thomas S. Petrola, Jr.

Have you ever felt like you have no idea where you are going? Maybe you spend your nights awake starting at the ceiling, looking for answers to a future that seems as blank and distant as the plywood above you. Where will I be in five years? ten? What job should I get, what school should I go to, who will I marry? It seems like a lot for one person to plan! Well that’s because YOU aren’t really planning it.

Take Simon for example. Simon is thirty years old, and works in Florida. He grew up in California. Twenty-five years ago, Simon had a teddy bear. Wherever Simon went, so did Teddy. Years pass, and Simon is walking to work because his car overheated the previous day. His path takes him past Goodwill, and through the glass he sees a teddy bear that looks remarkably like his old Teddy. He is lost in nostalgia and his steps slow, just for a moment. But he slows enough for the busy man behind him to step around him, causing the bike messenger to swerve wide, very close to a table. A flyer catches the gust the biker makes, and floats out across the street, swept about by the gusts of traffic. The flyer hits a college student in the face and he looks up from his phone in time to see a little girl reaching for her balloon in the street. He gently pushes her backwards. The child would have walked into traffic and been badly injured. Instead, the child grows up strong and healthy, and she donates her kidney to a stranger 30 years later.  All this happens because, fifty-five years beforehand, Simon’s father selects that teddy bear, seemingly at random.

For all our trouble at seeing where we are going, God is really good at it. God has set every single atom in the cosmos, and sees every collision and interaction. He guides all of my dreams and desires, willing me to succeed. I am on my way to a party that I know will not be good for me, and He planned for me to misplace my wallet so that I cannot go, but find it the next day, in time to give the money I would have spent on sin to a hungry man. Sure, I have no idea what I am doing, but God does, and so I step into the darkness and fear no evil, because God is all-good, and He is really good at loving me.

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