lt ugly elephant


Where Can I get an

Ugly Sweater?

Great Question!  The best place to start is with mom and dad, they are sure to have something from the 80’s, 90’s or even the early 00’s that will be so out of date that you just have to wear it to the party!  If mom and dad purged their (at one time in style) sweaters by giving them to Good Will, then to Good Will you will go.  The best kind of sweaters are cheep and silly.


What’s a White Elephant Gift?

Glad you asked!  A White Elephant Gift is a gift that might not be given to someone you want to impress.  The more random the gift is the better.  A good place to find these kind of gifts are Yard Sales or Good Will. 



For Further Information, Contact:

Bradley Opitz or 602) 840-0850

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