“…His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.  Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.  Come, share your master’s joy.” – Matthew 25: 23

God has given us everything so that we might glorify Him by giving it back.  We invite you to let your time, treasures and talents serve the Lord by donating it to the youth of our parish.  There are three ways you can serve.


Time is a priceless gift that God has given to us.  What you do with the time that God has given to you is very important.  You can give your time by being a volunteer to prepare and serve dinner on Sunday nights.  Dinner will be served at the beginning of the Life Night following 6 pm mass on Sunday.


God has given to us any talent we have.  What you do with that talent has the ability to lead people closer to the Sacraments and the Love of Christ.  You can give your talent by becoming a Core Missionary for Life Teen or Edge.  The youth are in need of adults who are able to love and lead the them as adults who are in love with Christ and His Body, the Church.


Our treasures belong to God before they belong to us.  Our treasures can serve God in a very powerful way.  By donating your treasures you will be equipping Life Teen and Edge with up to date tools that are needed to effectively  bring the message of the Gospel to the youth of our parish.

If you wish to donate please contact Mary Castner, Coordinator of Youth Evangelization at St. Theresa Parish.

mcastner@sttheresaphx.org or 602. 568. 6231